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Sustainable agriculture: Meeting food security needs, addressing climate change challenges
By Lim Li Ching

Agriculture is at a crossroads. It has to find ways to feed the world while being environmentally, socially and economically sustainable. Stressing that current agricultural practices are a threat to the future of agriculture itself, Lim Li Ching highlights, in this article, some of the critical issues that need to be resolved to meet the many challenges facing it, including climate change.

Impacts of climate change on traditional family farming communities
By Miguel A Altieri & Parviz Koohafkan

Although the adverse effects of climate change are likely to be borne disproportionately by the small farmers of the developing world, it is the traditional farming systems with their high degree of biodiversity which are best equipped to withstand the shocks of climatic extremes.

Organic Cuba without fossil fuels
By Dr Mae-Wan Ho

Cuba's experience has opened our eyes to agriculture without fossil fuels, a possibility rapidly turning into a necessity for mitigating climate change as world production of petroleum has also peaked.

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