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Yes it can be done: Food needs can be met with agroecological vision for agriculture and science

September 17, 2013

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Re: Food needs can be met with agroecological vision for agriculture and science 
In the article below, the authors from Lancaster University and GenØk - Centre for Biosafety call for a new vision for agriculture and science; one where there is agricultural diversification and where agricultural research and development is reoriented towards diverse local conditions and needs, and towards farmers' knowledge. 
This is because the current industrial monoculture model of production, of both food and knowledge, does not meet global food needs. The result is physical and economic disconnection between production and consumption, as well as private control of the crucial knowledge base that shapes agriculture. The approach also assumes that science has a well-defined understanding of the technologies (including GM crops) needed to overcome such challenges, but neglects the extensive diversity of local conditions and knowledge systems, resulting in suppression of more effective sustainable alternatives. 
The alternative agroecological vision for agriculture and food supply is not just theory. The authors present examples of how local expertise and knowledge integrated with leading scientific research have demonstrated the capacity to increase yields sustainably, decrease polluting inputs, promote food security and improve livelihoods. 
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Farming and knowledge monocultures are misconceived 
Food needs can be met with a new vision for agriculture and science, say Brian Wynne and Georgina Catacora-Vargas. 

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