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Biosafety Scanner

The Biosafety Scanner software provides a range of useful information for the planning and management of GMO control activity in crop production, with particular reference to international commerce.
Data processing gives a concise picture of whether or not, in the country of interest, conditions exist which can favour GMO contamination of crop production or the import of products not conforming to European standards with regard to traceability and labelling requirements.
It will be possible, however, to evaluate the following by means of the information displayed and on the basis of the user’s needs:
1. how to source supplies and whether or not to request certification (should worked or semi-worked raw material need to be imported);
2. which batches should be controlled and which transformation event should be looked for in the analysis (should surveillance and monitoring programs have to be planned). In the latter case the Software also displays useful information for border document control.

 Thematic Maps

Map of the ratification of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety Map of approved crops

Labelling map

Map of approved events

Moratorium map Map of regulatory framework Map of GMO cultivated areas Map of GMO cultivated areas as a % of total

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