jueves, abril 14, 2011

Tell it to Whole Foods

Tell Whole Foods to Stop Selling Monsanto's Unlabeled Genetically Modified Organisms


Whole Foods Market supports mandatory labels for foods produced with genetically modified organisms:

"We have advocated for mandatory labeling of GE foods since 1992, even before they were made commercially available."

But Whole Foods Market sells unlabeled foods produced with genetically modified organisms:

"The reality is that no grocery store in the United States, no matter what size or type of business, can claim they are GE-free...we are not going to mislead our customers with an inaccurate claim."

(Source: Internal memo sent to store managers January 30, 2011.)

As Millions Against Monsanto activists were told by store employees when they protested Whole Foods last weekend, any food in Whole Foods that isn't Certified Organic or Non-GMO Project Verified might be genetically modified, but store employees were unable to answer questions about whether specific products contained genetically modified ingredients.

This is unacceptable. Why is Whole Foods Market letting Monsanto take up shelf space? Why isn't it training store employees to help consumers identify GMO foods so we can avoid them?

Please ask Whole Foods Market to stop selling unlabeled GMOs.

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