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Good news from Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith The world’s leading consumer advocate promoting healthier, non-GMO choices
April 6, 2011

The US is mobilizing against GMOs!

Have you caught the non-GMO buzz lately? GMOs are being blogged about, tweeted about, reported on, and talked about more than ever before. There were rallies all over the US in March, more rallies scheduled, and the topic is catching fire. A food executive at the recent natural products expo said, “This feels like the time we’ve been waiting for.” An activist at a recent festival said, “I am so amazed at how much people want to know about GMOs—our table was bombarded! I feel like we’re at a turning point. I hope you do too.”

I certainly do, and we need to make sure this momentum grows into the tipping point of consumer rejection that we’ve been working for. This is a perfect time to pitch in.

  • Please help us with a donation, which will be MATCHED BY NUTIVA! (up to $10K for April donations). Helping to reclaim a non-GMO food supply is a great way to celebrate Earth Month. Thank you to Nutiva and thank you to our wonderful contributors.

I personally have been racing to keep up with all the incredible opportunities (or as I prefer to say, Harvest all the low-hanging Non-GMO fruit). I leave for Canada this week, Colorado the next, and Texas, Connecticut, New York, California, Chicago, and Seattle soon after. Check out the calendar. In the four months between mid-January and mid-May, I’ll have been at home for a total of just one month.

It has now become impossible for me to travel so much, and write, and edit footage, and contact individuals and organizations, while also managing our staff and the operations of the Institute. So we’re now interviewing for a new Executive Director to run the show here, which will free me up to focus on getting the message out.

The rest of our staff are also swamped now, and could surely use more dedicated volunteers on critical jobs. Please look over our Help Wanted page if you have time and energy to contribute to our team.

Thanks for all your help. See you on the road…

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