sábado, enero 29, 2011

NPR Poll: 93% Want GE Food Labeled

"Only a quarter of Americans say they fully understand what genetically engineered food is all about, according to a survey of more then 3,000 people conducted for NPR by Thomson Reuters last month.

"Press people a little further by asking them if genetically engineered foods are safe, and the uncertainty climbs higher. Only 21 percent of people are convinced the foods are safe. Most are unsure - 64 percent. The remaining 15 percent think the foods aren't safe.

"One thing everyone seems to agree on is that a food should say on its label if it's from some genetically modified animal or plant - 9 in 10 people surveyed said so."

Americans Are Wary Of Genetically Engineered Foods - Scott Hensley, National Public Radio

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