jueves, enero 20, 2011

Monsanto not very popular

435 Groups With 2300 Supporters = 1,000,000 Against Monsanto!

Calling all organic activists! The Organic Consumers Association needs 435 volunteers (one for each U.S. Congressional District) to coordinate a drive to gather 2300 petition signatures on our Truth-in-Labeling petition to strengthen our national network and to mobilize 1,000,000 people against Monsanto.

This is how we're going to build the grassroots power we need to recapture our right to know what's in our food.

As each of the 435 Millions Against Monsanto District groups gain their petition target of 2300 supporters, they'll join OCA's Million Member Club and get support from OCA's national office to launch grassroots campaigns for grocery stores to label foods that contain GMOs (including food from GMO-fueled factory farms), and for local, state and federal laws that would make GMO-labels mandatory.

So far, two Congressional Districts are leading the way in our Millions Against Monsanto and Factory Farms Truth-in-Labeling campaign:

* Colorado's 2nd district (Denver suburbs, Boulder, Vail, Grand Lake & Idaho Springs) has 3,047 Millions Against Monsanto supporters.

* North Carolina's 11th district (Western North Carolina and Asheville) has 2,469.

Please volunteer today to become a Truth-in-Labeling coordinator in your local area by e-mailing us at information@organicconsumers.org. When you do, let us know which congressional district you're in or give us your full address so we can look it up. Thanks!

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