viernes, mayo 20, 2011

Arrests at Whole Foods protest

Whole Foods Calls in Police to Arrest OCA Protestors in Chicago

Although Whole Foods and the Chicago police tried to stop our Millions Against Monsanto demonstration and GMO Food Dump in Chicago on Tuesday by arresting OCA Political Director Alexis Baden-Mayer and Chicago OCA activist Mike Durschmid, we will not be deterred.

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Seattle, Boulder, New York & Your Town!

To gear up for the Millions Against Monsanto actions on World Food Day, October 16, 2011, we're hosting regional anti-GMO summits at each of the Green Festivals around the country. This weekend, we'll be in Seattle. Here are the details:

The Green Festival is Saturday and Sunday May 21-22 @ Qwest Event Center, 800 Occidental Ave., Seattle, WA.

Admission is $10-$25

We'll have a limited number of free passes to distribute to volunteers. If you've already volunteered, we'll leave your name on a list at the exhibitor check-in desk. If you'd like to volunteer and need a pass, please contact us here.

The Green Festival goes from 10-7 Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday. We'd love to have your help for a couple hours in the Millions Against Monsanto booth (# 1014)!

At 3:30 pm Alexis Baden-Meyer (Organic Consumers Association) & Bill Aal (AGRA-Watch) will present in the Community Action Pavilion. Their presentation will be called Taking on the Giants: Millions Against Monsanto and Watching the Gates Foundation. Learn more here.

In addition to the festival, we're organizing an action at the University Trader Joes in on Tuesday May 24:

On Friday, we'll be going to Trader Joes to buy the GMO food they sell to display at our booth at the Green Festival. On Tuesday, May 24, at 12:30, we'll be returning the GMO food in a theatrical "GMO Food Dump" action. If you're curious about what a "GMO Food Dump" is, check out this video.

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