miércoles, julio 08, 2009

GMO Seeds: What’s Going on, Why You Should Care


GMO’s are unlike any other form of pollution ever created by humans. All other pollutions, even the worst oils spills and nuclear accidents, will dissipate over time. GMO’s act more like a cancer.; they are alive, and they will reproduce and spread. They have the potential to contaminate wild crops and seed crops that were never intended to have GMO genes in them. There is even an experiment currently underway to produce GMO ocean fish that will grow faster than their natural counterpart.

Avoiding GMO crops is not easy. Most conventional dairy, corn, canola, soybean, and cotton (including cottonseed oil in human foods) are contaminated. Most conventional livestock products have been raised on GMO foods. Beet sugar will possibly soon be contaminated as well. Though GMO’s are not permitted in organic crop production or processing, some seed businesses have decided to accept a very small percentage of GMO contamination in seeds they sell as organic. Fedco Seeds has taken the lead in the GMO free seed movement, conducting vigilant testing of their seeds and only selling 100% GMO free seeds in their operation. If you want to be sure your seeds are GMO free, call your seed dealer and ask if the seeds they sold you were tested and shown to be 100% GMO free.


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