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The End of Food

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'The End of Oil'

By Paul Roberts, author of the best-selling The End of Oil

"An indispensable book. . .the best analysis of the global food economy you are likely to find." —Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma

"Everyone's got to eat, and this spellbinding book makes it clear why that may be a problem."
—Bill McKibben, The End of Nature

Paul Roberts, best-selling author of The End of Oil, turns his attention to the modern food economy and finds that the system entrusted to meet our most basic needs is failing dramatically.
In this carefully researched account, Roberts indentifies the forces that are undermining our capacity to produce food that is safe, nourishing, or adequate to meet the appetites of a rapidly growing population. In The End of Food, readers will see not only how our food systems are breaking down--but how they can be put back on a sustainable course.

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"'The End of Food' is a call to arms." Nature Magazine

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