jueves, mayo 19, 2005

Human Genetic Engineering

Important New Book Published on Human Genetic Engineering

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by Pete Shanks

Pete Shanks has written a layperson's introduction to the scientific, political, and social dimensions of human genetic engineering. From the prospect<>

Human Genetic Engineering includes explanations of both the science and politics of stem cell research and cloning, the failures of gene therapy, a comparison of rhetoric from proponents and detractors of the science, and much more. The book also includes a brief history of eugenics, showing how it is relevant today, descriptions of the main players promoting and opposing human genetic engineering, and crucially, an overview of the lack of effective regulation in the United States.

The material is clearly indexed with subheadings, extracts, and extensive lists of resources for further information. With a light touch and a careful balance of arguments from all sides of the debate, this is an indispensable book for parents, seniors, medical and social scientists, teachers, students, journalists, politicians, activists and everyone else interested in the topic.

Pete Shanks is a writer and grassroots activist who has worked for peace and justice on three continents over four decades. He is currently a researcher for the Center for Genetics and Society. He was born in Singapore and grew up in England where he received a Masters degree from Oxford University. He now lives in Santa Cruz, CA and is available for interviews in person in the Bay Area or by phone and satellite nationwide.

by Pete Shanks
Nation Books / June 2005
ISBN 1560256958 / $16.95 / 327 pp.

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