jueves, octubre 31, 2013

Growing debate over genetically engineered food


A leading supporter and a leading opponent weigh in as voters consider Initiative 522, the ballot measure that would make Washington the first state to require labeling of foods with GE ingredients.

Seattle Times science reporter

Washington is at center stage in the debate over genetically engineered foods this election season. If voters approve Initiative 522, the state will be the first in the nation to implement labeling of foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients.
Previous stories in The Seattle Times have examined possible health effects of GE foods and the environmental impacts of adopting the technology, along with the veracity of several ads.
Here, labeling supporter Phil Bereano of the University of Washington and opponent Charles P. “Max” Moehs of Arcadia Biosciences in Seattle address some of the social and economic issues that surround the technology, along with its future promise or pitfalls.
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