domingo, julio 21, 2013

Monsanto's never ending PR nightmare

shutterstock_112248722Great article on Monsanto's PR woes written from the perspective of a public relations professional


 In the heat of all of the allegations facing GMO’s, Monsanto has published no research and countered no arguments against their products. The lack of opposition makes the consumer wonder if the allegations are true, further aligning the public against Monsanto.

            So why has Monsanto not come to its own defense? Why have they not released statements claiming blasphemy, dissention, or defamation? Monsanto could easily change their negative perception by releasing stats or info proving the social good of their endeavors, but they haven’t. The fact that they have no evidence to prove their own innocence is worrisome. It begs the question of if they even know the effects of their work long term. They are publically attacked and have had no obvious response to their own public issues, no excuses, and most importantly no apologies.

            Monsanto is a testament to the difficulty of maintaining a positive public image. Amidst ongoing crisis management PR, their PR strategy seems to be a wait and act like nothing happened approach, and seem indifferent and resigned to the fact that they will be hated regardless. 

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