lunes, junio 04, 2012

OCA labeling news

OCA and the California Ballot Initiative Featured in Front Page New York Times Article

In a remarkably balanced news article on the growing movement to label genetically engineered foods, the OCA and our allies in the California Ballot Initiative were highlighted in a New York Times front page article on May 24. Among the more interesting revelations in the article was the statement that leading food companies plan to remove all GMO ingredients from their products (rather than label them with the skull and crossbones of “produced with GMOs”) if the California Ballot Initiative passes on November 6. Polls show that, despite fierce resistance from Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, 90% of American consumers support mandatory labeling of GMOs.

You Did It! Money Bomb Campaign Raises First $2 Million for the California Right to Know GMO Labeling Campaign!

They said we couldn’t do it. But thanks to you, we did! Our ‘Drop the Money Bomb on Monsanto’ campaign proved the power of grassroots fundraising and sent a strong message to Monsanto and the rest of the anti-labeling brigade: Consumers have united with a broad coalition of food, farm, health, public interest, leading organic food companies, and environmental groups all over the country and we will do whatever it takes to pass the California Right to Know GMO Labeling law.
After decades of demanding the right to know if our food contains GMOs, we are closer than ever to passing a mandatory GMO labeling law. Passing this law in California represents our best chance ever to guarantee consumers’ right to know on a national scale.
It’s shameless. More than 40 countries require genetically modified ingredients to be labeled. But thanks to the FDA and its cozy relationship with Monsanto, we have been denied this right.
This $2 million is the first step in building an effective campaign to pass this law. Big Biotech and Food Inc. will outspend us by millions, but with public opinion, truth, and you on our side, we can win.The Money Bomb campaign’s official deadline has come and gone. But we will continue raising money for this fight.
Donate to the OCF and the Drop the Money Bomb on Monsanto Campaign(non-tax-deductible, but necessary for our legislative efforts in California and other states)
Donate to the Organic Consumers Association (tax-deductible, helps support our work on behalf of organic standards, fair trade and public education)

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