viernes, mayo 25, 2007

Terminator part two?

Transcontainer aims to develop GM plants that are "biologically contained". Put in other words, industry is interested in developing new means to keep farmers from saving seed.

Developing efficient and stable biological containment systems for genetically modified plants

This is the official internet page for “Transcontainer”, a European Commission-funded Specific Targeted Research or Innovation Project (STREP) in the Sixth Framework Programme Priority 5: Food Quality and Safety.

The European research project Transcontainer has
officially started as of 1 May 2006. This research
project, which comprises 13 partners from
universities, research and government institutes,
small and medium-sized enterprises and an industrial
partner, is partly funded by the European Commission.
It aims at developing and studying genetically
modified (GM) crop plants that are 'biologically
contained', in order to reduce significantly the
potential spread of transgenes of such GM crop plants
to conventional and organic crops and to wild and
weedy relatives, when such exist.

The main task of Schenkelaars Biotechnology
Consultancy within Transcontainer consists of
communication of the results of the technical,
biosafety and socio-economic research to parties
interested in (regulatory) policy and public debates
on 'co-existence of GM and non-GM crops' and
'outcrossing from GM crops to wild plants'.