martes, febrero 28, 2006


We, the participants of the conference entitled “A United No to GMO” held in the City of Krakow, Poland, representing farmers, local authorities, politicians and activists; call upon all National Governments and the European Commission to respect the voice of their citizen’s and to halt all imports, sales and planting of genetically modified foods and seeds.

To this end, we support the introduction of a TEN YEAR MORATORIUM against all GMO’s in Europe and a reorientation of current and future research and development funds towards the enhancement of diverse and ecologically sound land management systems that maintain and improve the long term fertility, biodiversity and overall health of our native soils, plants and animals.

Krakow, February 24th, 2006

Endorsed by 120 participants from 14 European Countries at the Krakow Conference ‘A United No to GMO’.

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