viernes, enero 13, 2006

First 2 parts of an excellent Jeffrey Smith article

Jeffrey Smith Responds to a Biotech Proponent's Accusations and Spin
Spilling the Beans, January 2006

Note from Jeffrey Smith:

In September, 2005, the respected South African investigative magazine Noseweek ran a five-page interview with me that was described by a GMO campaigner as 'the hardest knock' that the country's biotech industry had ever taken from the media. To read the interview, go to the September 2005 issue of Spilling the Beans, at
Hans Lombard, a public relations consultant for the biotech industry, wrote a rebuttal to Noseweek that was pure industry spin. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to respond. Both his letter and a condensed version of mine were published side by side in their January issue. The magazine put my full response on its website.

The following is the text of Lombard's letter, broken up so that I can respond to each accusation.

The shortened version that was published is available with graphics and photos at

Noseweek has given permission for either the long or short versions to be reprinted in whole or in part. South African publications, however, must wait until February 1, 2006. Other publications and websites can run the piece right away.

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