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GM Opposition Day, April 8 2006

Paris, 15th of November, 2005

Dear possible partner,

We hereby confirm that a world-wide event is to be held in 2006, with the twofold aim of informing people and demonstrating a united front of concerned organizations against GMOs (both open-air plants and food). This demonstration will be distributed over several countries and districts, possibly including yours. It is planned that the media will be issued beforehand with the complete program, which justifies the project to develop as soon as possible. By taking into account the proposals of the international partners, the "D" day will be on Saturday, 8 April 2006. [n.b.: This is the weekend immediately preceding the BIO 2006 convention in Chicago.]

If you didn't yet express your wish to participate in this united action, either as an individual or as an organization representative, you may do it now by contacting us at the email address below.

In this case, could you please let us know - your possible affiliation(s) and position, - who could be your partners in your country, and - what form might take your participation to this demonstration (i.e.: information stalls, conference(s), films, shows, walk,...) ?

We look forward to reading from you,Annick Ferauge (Belgium), Gerald Miles (Wales), Christophe de Varine (France), Dominique Béroule (France).1/ Persons who already replied positively to the Call for Participation: Vandana Shiva (India), Liliane Spendeler (Spain), Tamara Dabie (Croatia), Annick Ferauge (Belgium), Astrid Konrad (Austria), Badrul Alam (Bangladesh), Gerald Miles (Wales), Juan-Roy de Menditte (France), Frederick Ablam Kouwoaye (Togo), Bare Chamsdine (Afrique), Arca Atay (Turkey), Antonio Onorati (Italia),Vincent Perrot (France),Victor Nzuzi (Congo), Marco Presutto (Italia), Dominique Mourlane (France), Setsuko Yasuda (Japon), Kenneth Richter (UK), Arnaud Apoteker (France), Ignacio Chapela (USA-California), Brian Tokar (USA-Vermont), Michel Dupont (France), Wytze de Lange (Netherlands), Guy Kastler (France), Jadwiga Lopata (Poland), Arpad Pusztai (Hungary), Jacques Testart (France), Mbo Langi Honoré (République Démocratique du Congo), Jean-Pierre Berlan (France), Oscar Mumbato (Togo), Saree Aongsomwang (Thaïlande), Michel Walter (France), Lovemore Simwanda Ecaz (Zambia), Wolfgang Wiebecke (Germany), Keisuke Amagasa (Japan), Carlos A. Vicente (Argentina),

representatives of : Navdanya, Friends of the Earth, Makronova Institute, Collectif d’Action GénEthique, Bangladesh Krishok Federation, GM Free Cymru, Attac, Consumers International, Crocevia, "No to GMOs Platform", Vision21, Greenpeace, Confédération Paysanne, Fédération Nationale d’Agriculture Biologique, Institute for Social Ecology, XminY Solidarityfunds, International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, Nature & Progrès, Afrique Assistance, Consumer Thai, Terre sacrée, No! GMO Campaign of Japan, Acción por la Biodiversidad.

2/ the
http://altercampagne.free.fr/ website is dedicated to the GM Opposition Days that took place the 8th of May 2004 in France, the 18th of June 2005 in Europe.

3/ Please forward this letter to everybody it may concern.

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