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Golden Rice: No Silver Bullet

Thirteen years after Golden Rice wasfeatured on the July 31 cover of Timemagazine under the headline “This Rice Could Save a Million Kids a Year,” biotech’s golden child is back in the headlines. Just when public opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is at an all-time high, and the biotech and junk food industries are once again pouring millions of dollars into acampaign to defeat laws that would require labels on foods containing GMO ingredients.
Coincidence? Industry spokespeople say the suspiciously timed resurrection of Golden Rice isn’t a public relations stunt designed to convert GMO skeptics. But absent any new news on a crop that hasn’t gained traction in more than a decade, the move looks more like an act of desperation than a legitimate defense of biotechnology.
After all, in the real world, the genetic engineering that has taken over vast tracts of cropland, the kind that has led to the proliferation of crops that require drenching our soil and polluting our waterways with obscene amounts of toxic herbicides and pesticides, has little in common with the DNA tinkering that produced Golden Rice.

But the real issue is this. Golden Rice is no closer to saving the world’s kids than it was 13 years ago. Because then, as now, there is still no proof that it can. And better alternatives exist.
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Show Some Solidarity: 50k New Endorsers in One Week!

There are five of them. Monsanto. Bayer. DuPont. Dow. The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). Mega-Million dollar corporate overlords spending millions to defeat I-522, Washington State’s GMO labeling initiative.
How many of us are there? Let’s show them.
Monday, September 9, marks the first day of YES on 522 National Solidarity Week. To show your solidarity with voters in Washington, you can visit the YES on 522 website and endorse the campaign. The goal? 50,000 endorsers in one week.
After you’ve endorsed, join the YES on 522 National Solidarity Week kick-off event, aTwitter rally, on September 9 at 7 p.m.-8 p.m. PST (10 p.m.-11 p.m. EST). Join in the twitter conversation to draw awareness to I-522. And win free prizes!
We can’t say it often enough. We all have a stake in I-522. This is a must-win battle. Let’s send this message to Monsanto: We may not all be able to cast a ballot in Washington State, but we are standing in solidarity for a win on November 5.
Endorse YES on 522
Join the Twitter Rally on September 9
Sample tweet: Support labeling #GMOs in WA State!
Beginners guide for twitter parties
Volunteer to call Washington voters
Download Lies and Truths about I-522

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