jueves, agosto 16, 2012

Mariel Hemingway on our side


Mariel Hemingway Seeks Support for#StopMonsanto Film Project

OCA caught up with actress Mariel Hemingway last week to talk about #StopMonsanto, a film project she's raising money for on indiegogo.com. The script is ready to go, but Hemingway and her partners need to raise the money to produce it. The film tells the story of five young activists who protest Monsanto by way of a series of stunts that eventually lead to tragedy.
"Monsanto needs to take responsibility for the damage to our future - to our crops, our farmers, our health," said Hemingway. "As Americans, we're supposed to be free and democratic. We need to say something, we need to require these chemical companies to take responsibility. The stronghold these companies have on our politicians is disturbing and scary."
The group needs to raise a considerable amount of money by August 31 in order to produce the film.

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