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You don't like Monsanto?

Action Appeal

Help the Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Recruit a Million Anti-GMO Activists

OCA's Millions Against Monsanto campaign needs your financial support, but even more than that, we need your help recruiting the million or more anti-GMO activists necessary to power a national, multi-year effort to get GMO labels on the ballot in initiative states, through the legislatures in states that don't have ballot initiatives, and ultimately to change federal policy to make GMO labels the law of the land.

There are few "controversial" issues in the United States on which there is so much agreement. Poll after poll has shown that upwards of 80% of consumers want to know whether their food was made with genetically modified organisms - that is, if they know that GMOs are in their food at all! The only reason there isn't more action on this issue is because most people - as many as three-quarters of us - don't know.

The best way to counter Monsanto's hush-money is with people-power!

The network of Millions Against Monsanto supporters is growing by the thousands every week and now includes nearly 580,000 people. Please help recruit supporters by asking your friends to join the following networks:

Your friends can join you in declaring support for labels on GMO food by signing the Millions Against Monsanto petition.

Earlier this year, we set a goal of 2300 supporters in each of the 435 Millions Against Monsanto Chapters by World Food Day 2011 (October 16), a day of action for truth in labeling and our right to know about GMOs in our food.

Join a World Food Day action or start your own.

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