viernes, diciembre 21, 2007

Monsanto says they're winning

COMMENT from England's GM Watch: Here's the world according to Monsanto, but read in between all the hubris and you discover that Monsanto's abandoned GM 'food' crops, just as it has had to beat a tactical retreat - or remains almost completely excluded - from many parts of the globe. And it's betting its shirt entirely on its animal feed/food processing/agrofuel crops.

That strategy is working fine financially for the moment, particularly given the ethanol boom. But how sustainable is an agrofuel boom that threatens both food sovereignty and environmental devastation? And where does Monsanto go when even in its American heartland, its GM product - rBGH - is already in serious trouble, while a whole series of US presidential candidates are starting to commit to GM food labelling?

Monsanto: Winning the Ground War
How the company turned the tide in the battle over genetically modified crops
by Brian Hindo Business Week, December 6 2007

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