miércoles, marzo 16, 2016

Why Didn't An Illinois Professor Have To Disclose GMO Funding?


Monica Eng

A WBEZ investigation has found that a University of Illinois professor was given more than $57,000 over less than two years from GMO maker Monsanto to travel, write and speak about genetically modified organisms--including lobbying federal officials to halt further regulation on GMO products.

Professor Bruce Chassy did not disclose his financial relationship with Monsanto on state or university forms aimed at detecting potential conflicts of interest. Documents further show that Chassy and the university directed Monsanto to deposit the payments through the University of Illinois Foundation, a body whose records are shielded from public scrutiny. The foundation also has the ability to take in private money and disburse it to an individual as a “university payment”--exempt from disclosure.

Although Chassy retired from U of I in 2012, he has continued to speak and write on the safety of GMO crops, which are created by editing the genes of an organism. Usually corn or soybeans, the crops are found in more than 70 percent of American processed food products and constitute the majority of Illinois crops.

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