domingo, febrero 07, 2016

ChinaChem to takeover Syngenta - Greenpeace statement

“The proposed takeover of Syngenta by ChemChina – a state owned Fortune 500 company – is another indication that Big Agribusiness is in turmoil. The continuing concentration of corporate power in the agricultural sector will lead to increased dependencies of farmers on just a handful of global players. The current system of industrial agriculture, promoted by big corporations puts profit over people and undermines the farmers’ freedom to choose what they grow and how.”

Zhang Jing, Food and Agriculture Campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia Beijing Office, said: “The industrial agricultural system is based on large-scale monocultures, GE-crops and giant inputs of fertilisers and pesticides. It leads to severe environmental damage and degradation all over the world, putting our food diversity and food security at risk.”

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