domingo, noviembre 29, 2015

Dangers of the Gates Foundation: Displacing Seeds and Farmers

From a presentation by Mariam Mayet
Edited by Simone Adler
November 18, 2015
 Mariam is the founder and director of the African Centre for Biodiversity in South Africa.Mariam Mayet - small
 This is the first in a two-part article with Mariam Mayet. Please check back later in this series for further discussion on how the African Centre for Biodiversity is fighting back effectively to keep seeds in the hands of farmers and out of the multinational corporations’.
Our farmer-managed seed systems in Africa are being criminalized and displaced by a very aggressive green revolution project of corporate occupation by big multinational companies. This violent agrarian transformation is facing profound objection. African farmer organizations are outraged because decisions have been made and imposed on us in a very patronizing, patriarchal way, as if the agrarian vision and solution has been designed for us.

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