martes, junio 30, 2015

Monsanto "educating" journalists


This corporate-media symbiosis can be seen in an upcoming food conference for journalists put on by the National Press Foundation. NPF bills its meeting as an in-depth all-day, all-expenses-paid “bootcamp” for reporters on the issues of “feeding the world’s growing population.” Sounds great—educating reporters is a plus. But wait…shouldn’t journalists ask: Who’s providing this education?

Corporations, that’s who. NPF is funded by such giants as Bayer, Entergy, Ford, Honda, Lockheed Martin and Prudential, as wall as by corporate foundations, lobbyists, and PR firms. And who is the chief sponsor of NPF’s bootcamp on the future of food? Monsanto! In fact, NPF moved the conference to St. Louis, home of this notorious huckster of genetically-altered frankenfoods, specifically so reporters could come visit its corporate labs and get “educated.”

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