lunes, mayo 18, 2015

Lynas the fabricator

Mark Lynas accused of fabricating story in the New York Times
Despite the fact that his claim to being a founding figure in the anti-GMO movement has been roundlycondemned as completely untrue by a whole phalanx of (genuinely) leading figures in the environment movement, Lynas just keeps on making it. And no wonder. His remarkable conversionstory has won him the favour of the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, whose Foundation has set up a position for Lynas at Cornell, as part of the controversial Cornell Alliance for Science. This allows Lynas to do paid promotion of GMOs “to the exclusion of almost everything else”. And, as we have seen, his big conversion story is also his calling card with the world’s media.

It was very much to the fore in a recent New York Times piece entitled “How I got converted to GMO food”. This was taken apart in a series of letters to the NYT, which found fault with almost every aspect of the article. 

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