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Herbicide and insecticide use on GMO crops skyrocket while pro-GMO media mislead



Just as overuse of antibiotics in factory farms has created resistant "supergerms", we now have huge swathes of farmland infested with "superweeds" and "superbugs" resistant to glyphosate and Bt, meaning more pesticides are being applied, writes David Bronner
Michael Specter's recent articles in the New Yorker bashing Vandana Shiva and GMO labelling fail to engage with the skyrocketing pesticide use on GM crops, writes David Bronner, president of Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps, in an article for the Huffington Post (below).
The article refers to a report by former EPA scientist Dr Ramon J. Seidler, "Pesticide Use on Genetically Engineered Crops".
We highly recommend this report, which is easy to read, well referenced, and contains some interesting insights into the way articles promoting GMOs massage the facts about pesticide use. Dr Seidler points out that these articles rely on old data gathered before weeds got resistant to Roundup herbicide and pests got resistant to Bt toxin.

Herbicide and insecticide use on GMO crops skyrocketing while pro-GMO media run interference

David Bronner
* Former EPA Senior Scientist's New Article Sets Record Straight
Michael Specter's recent articles bashing Vandana Shiva and the labeling of genetically engineered foods (Seeds of Doubt and The Problem with G.M.O. Labels, 8/25/14) in the New Yorker are the latest high-profile pro-GMO articles that fail to engage with the fundamental critique of genetically engineered food crops in US soil today: rather than reduce pesticide inputs GMOs are causing them to skyrocket in amount and toxicity.

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