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Why we should ignore pro-GMO hecklers

The following is an excerpt from pages 12 and 13 of GMO Myths and Truths, a report by Earth Open Source. (http://earthopensource.org/index.php/reports/gmo-myths-and-truths)

The GMO lobbyists seem to have nothing else to do than defend  GMOs and attack GMO critics again and again, for hours or days on end.
Apart from their supernormal power of never having to sleep, the GMO lobbyists can be distinguished from ordinary people in that:
  • 􏰞  There are few of them and their names or aliases pop up again and again under any article on GM published in a significant enough outlet. What normal person is interested in reading and commenting on so many articles on GM, and even in commenting on the comments, unless they are paid to do so?
  • 􏰞  There is no learning curve. If normal people make a mistake and it is pointed out, they tend to engage with the challenging evidence or retire from the fray. The lobbyists don’t do either. Instead they change the subject or launch personal attacks. And further down (or up) the comments thread, they make the same discredited point over and over again, as if repeating the claim will somehow make it true – or at least, cause many readers to think it must be true.
  • 􏰞  They all use the same industry talking points at the same time, sometimes for weeks or months, until the narrative of choice changes. Then they all change message as a unified chorus. At one time the line is “Golden rice will make the lame walk and the blind see”; at another it’s “GMO isn’t just Monsanto – let’s have more ‘public good’ GMOs, paid for out of public funds!” Seemingly there is no space for original thought in the pro-GMO lobby.
  • 􏰞  They are often unpleasant, angry, and hostile. 

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