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Research Shows Molecular Differences Between GM and Conventional Maize



Research shows molecular differences between GM and conventional maize 

A paper published in the journal Proteome Science field, has shown molecular differences between genetically modified MON810 maize hybrids and their non-GM counterparts. The researchers used a proteomic approach to evaluate protein expression of MON810 maize hybrids grown under different agroecosystem conditions in Brazil.  
Comparative analysis within each field revealed a total of 32 differentially expressed proteins between GM and non-GM samples, and their molecular functions were mainly assigned to carbohydrate and energy metabolism, genetic information processing and stress response. 
Overall, the results indicate that while the genome changes in GM maize may have an impact on gene expression, there is also significant environment modulation. The authors conclude that while the detection of changes in protein profiles does not present a safety issue per se, further studies should be conducted in order to assess the biological relevance and implications of such changes.

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