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Genetic ID Announces the Definitive 'International Guide to GMO Standards and Regulatory Policy'


Genetic ID announces the definitive International Guide to GMO Standards and Regulatory Policy

Genetic ID announced the upcoming release of The International Guide to GMO Standards and Regulatory Policy. The Guide is the international food industry's only publication that contains essential and complete information that food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers need to bring non-GMO products to market around the world.

Topics in the online and print versions include:

Regulatory Frameworks: Country-by-country regulations and policies related to growing, importing, and labeling genetically engineered crops, food and animal feed.

Labeling Programs: Information on the wide range of public and private labeling schemes, regional non-governmental standards, and certification programs in use around the world, and the criteria for compliance.

Retailer Policies: A review of retailer policies on GMOs, including whether products may be sourced from animals that have been fed GM food, allowance for the use of GM-derived stabilizers or enzymes, and testing requirements.

Approved GM events: More than 100 GM events have been approved around the world, however country-by-country regulations often differ based on the product and its intended use. A review of approved and commercialized GM events for key international markets is presented.

Consumer attitudes and legislative and industry trends: Opinion polls, buyer surveys and voter initiatives that demonstrate public sentiment and predict regulatory policy in various countries and regions.

The publication will be available on a subscription basis in the summer of 2014. For more information, contact Joy Bolster at 888-229-2011.

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