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Unresolved Questions Around Golden Rice

Title: Unresolved Questions Around Golden Rice
Publication date: March 11, 2014
Posting date: March 11, 2014


Dear Friends and Colleagues 
Re: Unresolved Questions Around Golden Rice 
An article published by The Ecologist exposes the tangled web of unanswered questions around Golden Rice, genetically engineered to supposedly cure Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) amongst the poor.
Agri-business giant, Syngenta, has reserved its commercial rights over Golden Rice and improvements to the technology, but has granted "humanitarian use" of it (through a sub-licensing agreement) to resource-poor farmers in developing countries, through the Golden Rice Humanitarian Board. The article points out that on the face of it, such terms appear straightforward but give rise to a multitude of concerns.  It questions the full implications and hidden costs of such a ‘gift’ which countries would do well to consider beforehand.   
The full article is reproduced here and is also available at  

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