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Former member of FCT editorial board condemns Seralini study retraction

Former member of FCT editorial board condemns Seralini study retraction

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A former member of the editorial board of Food and Chemical Toxicology, the journal that published and then retracted the Séralini study on GM maize and Roundup, has written a letter to the editor of the journal condemning the retraction.
He writes, "Your decision which can be interpreted as a will to eliminate scientific information that does not help supporting industrial interests is, in my view, unacceptable."
Meanwhile 129 scientists have signed a statement opposing the retraction of the Séralini study. If you're a scientist and agree with the statement, please add your signature:
In a separate initiative, a statement against the retraction and pledging to boycott Elsevier, which publishes FCT, has been signed by over 1200 scientists:
We've been contacted by several scientists who told us that they have withdrawn their manuscripts from the review and/or publication process at Elsevier journals in solidarity with Prof Séralini's team. Some of these manuscripts had already been accepted for publication.
Given the difficulty of publishing critical research in some areas in the journal of the researcher's choice, we are under no illusions about the courage needed for such actions. We take it as an indicator of the shock and disgust caused in the scientific community by FCT's illicit retraction of the Séralini study.

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