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Some observations at the start of 2014, by Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero

January 9 2014

* If we find it impossible to figure out the motivations of pro-GMO folks, keep in mind that they have an equally hard time trying to fathom our motivations, and are baffled by the fact that most of us have no personal financial gain whatsoever to obtain from a GMO ban.

* Not everyone on the anti-GMO camp is credible. Biotech supporters can easily choose from a wide variety of people and publications on our camp that routinely drag our credibility through the floor and use them as straw men, like Mike Adams/Natural News and Global Research, to give just two examples.

* Inevitably, some well intended folks make public statements with all kinds of inaccuracies. Many people on our side are still clueless about the difference between conventional breeding and GMO. Many believe Terminator technology is currently being used. And some folks even go on about Terminator sterile seeds and GMO genetic contamination in the same sentence without even stopping to think and realize that both things cannot be true at the same time.

* Some of our allies mix in the GMO issue with non-scientific and downright irrational conspiracy theories, like chemtrails, HAARP and illuminati. I have taken quite some flack at home for publicly calling people out on this stuff: One blatant example was the late health food guru Keshava Bhat, who was a rabid global warming denier and all-around enemy of science. (Unfortunately he is very popular among organic farmers and health conscious consumers in Puerto Rico)

* Let's face it, some people have joined the fight against GMO for completely nonsense reasons. Not much we can do about that. But for the sake of ethics and credibility, we have a duty to call out BS from wherever it comes, not just from our adversary.

Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
Puerto Rico Biosafety

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