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Was the Prop 37 Election Stolen?

From Organic Bytes, weekly online newsletter of the the Organic Consumers Association

The most recent official vote tally released from the California's Secretary of State office on Dec. 3 claims that Prop 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, was defeated by a narrow margin of 51.5%-48.5%. 

Or was it? Statisticians in California have uncovered a series of near-impossible "statistical abnormalities" affecting over 150,000 votes that could have swung the election. Their research strongly suggests that electronic vote tabulators in a number of California counties switched Yes on 37 votes into No votes. Statisticians found that Yes on 37 fared worse, on the average, in larger precincts in a number of California's most populous counties than it did in smaller precincts. These findings fly in the face of polls and common sense, given that the strongest support for Yes on 37 came from young people, younger moms, minority communities and low-income residents who are concentrated in these same larger urban precincts. 

On Dec. 10, a donor to OCA and the Yes on Prop 37 campaign filed an official request for a recount in Orange and numerous other counties in California. OCA supports this recount request and will keep you informed on the results of the recount. We will not be satisfied by the "official" Prop 37 election results issued by the Secretary of State's office until there is a complete recount of the votes in all the counties exhibiting statistical abnormalities. 

We've already reported extensively on the lengths Big Biotech and Big Food went to defeat Prop 37. On how they spent $46 million on non-stop ads full of lies and misinformation, and on false mailers pretending to originate from the Democratic Party. Were they desperate enough to flip enough votes to ensure their narrow victory? 

We hope a recount will shed more light on this. For an overview of how electronic "vote flipping" may have stolen the Prop 37 Ballot Initiative, you can listen to this one-hour, in-depth radio show hosted by Bob Fitrakis, Ohio political science professor and expert on electronic voter theft. Among his guests are Francois Choquette, respected California statistician who is investigating electronic voter fraud on Prop 37.

Listen to the radio show (MP3) 

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