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PROP 37 - Do or Die in California

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Do or Die in California: OCA's Final Plea

The final Pepperdine pre-election poll on the November 6 Proposition 37 California ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods came out October 30. After enjoying a 26-point lead for the past six months, our side is now supposedly 10 points behind in the polls. The online poll, which in theory has a margin of error of 3-5%, was conducted before our Yes on Prop 37 TV ads finally began running last weekend. But the results are nonetheless alarming.

We still enjoy a lead among those who don't watch TV, but the opposition's ads have turned huge numbers of California TV-watchers against us.

For a full month Monsanto and their allies have pounded the California airwaves with nearly $50 million in TV and radio ads, spewing lies about how mandatory labeling for genetically engineered food will mean higher costs for consumers, lawsuits clogging the courts, "confusing" labels and poor farmers and grocers facing "nightmares of paperwork." Surveys have shown that once undecided or even opposed voters see our Yes on Prop 37 ads they change their minds, and come back over to our side. But we're running out of time - and money - to reach those voters. Meanwhile, money continues to pour into the opposition's campaign. Monsanto just upped its contribution this week from $7.1 million to more than $8 million.

We can still win on Nov. 6, by exposing millions of confused or undecided California voters to our TV ads. But we need to raise money, and we need to raise it today. Please click here to make a donation today.

In addition to running more ads, we need to step up our ground strategy in these last few days. Our 10,000+ volunteers for Yes on 37 are fighting back on the ground by talking to voters in front of supermarkets, sharing information with their friends by email and on Facebook, and by talking to prospective voters on the phone. These grassroots efforts will culminate in a major Get-Out-the-Vote campaign on November 6.

If you live in California, we desperately need you to hand out leaflets at grocery stores between now and Nov.6. If you can spare a few hours, please sign up here for instructions on where to get leaflets and where we need help.

If you live outside California, please volunteer for our national phone bank to help us call millions of California voters. It's easy. You can get quick, easy online training and sign up for one or more shifts here - and it won't cost you a dime in phone charges.

The "Do or Die" moment of truth has arrived in this David versus Goliath battle. The whole world is watching. We desperately need your emergency last-minute donations and your volunteer energy. Please support us in these last five days of this historic campaign!


Don't Let Monsanto's Millions Hijack Prop 37

How much is a GMO label worth? If you're a pesticide or junk food manufacturer, almost $50 million. That's what Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and others have now invested in one of the most relentless, deceptive, and downright crooked ad campaigns to come down the pike in a long time, a campaign aimed at keeping GMO labels off our food.

Monsanto has been pounding California voters for weeks with TV ads claiming that a simple label stating "contains genetically engineered ingredients" will lead to skyrocketing food prices and a windfall for trial lawyers. They're even calling Prop 37 a "food tax."

You know the No on 37 campaign is lying to consumers to protect its obscene profits. But unfortunately, not everyone in California understands the issues or knows the facts. Thanks to thousands of consumers like you who have dug deep into their wallets to fight this corporate takeover of our food, we still stand a chance of winning in California. But we need to reach more voters and we're running out of time. We have only five more days to reach as many voters as possible with our own TV ads and the truth about GMO labeling and Prop 37.

Time is running out. Don't let Monsanto hijack this critical food labeling law. Please invest today in the future of safe food and better health. Your donation could help to sway the winning vote!

DONATE TO THE ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION (tax-deductible, helps support our public education work against GMOs and chemical food, and our work on behalf of organic standards, fair trade and sustainable farming) 

DONATE TO THE ORGANIC CONSUMERS FUND (non-tax-deductible, but necessary for our legislative efforts in California and other states)


Unmasking the No on Prop 37 Lies and Dirty Tricks

The Monsanto-Pepsi gang can't change the fact that 9 out of 10 people want to know if they're eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs). What they can do is try to trick California voters into believing that a simple label on their food is actually a nefarious plot to make consumers pay more for their food and make trial lawyers rich.

The corporations desperate to keep you in the dark about GMOS have tried nearly every trick in the book. Fake voter guides. Phony "scientists." Lies about newspaper endorsements. Illegal hijacking of government logos.


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