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No on 37 lies, lies and LIES

No on 37 Ad Yanked for Newspaper Endorsement Lie

examiner.pngIt's hard to untangle from the web of lies the No on 37 campaign is spinning. On Friday we got a call from Stephen Buel, editor of the San Francisco Examiner, who was quite surprised to see the Examiner logo featured prominently in a television ad opposing Prop 37 -- since his newspaper has in fact endorsed Prop 37. The TV ad is now disappeared from You Tube, probably sent to the same chop shop where No on 37 sends all their faulty TV ads for re-jiggering after they get caught outright lying to voters. Remember the Henry Miller misrepresenting Stanford fiasco?
Also on Friday, we heard from several sources that Kathy Fairbanks, spokesperson for the campaign against our right to know, is claiming that the "entire agricultural community of California" is opposing Prop 37. Apparently Kathy's definition of agriculture doesn't include the more than 2,000 organic farmers, the California Grange, the Central Coast Agricultural Network, the United Farm Workers, California Labor Federation and United Food and Commercial Workers western region -- all of whom are supporting Prop 37. Or the manyfood industry leaders actually based in California who are not only working to pass Prop 37, but are funding the Yes effort too (as opposed to the out-of-state and foreign pesticide and food corporations that are bankrolling No on 37).
Meanwhile, we're still waiting to hear from the U.S. Department of Justice about whether they will investigate Fairbanks and crowd for fabricating a direct quote from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make it appear that the agency is opposing Prop 37, and sticking it in a campaign mailer along with the FDA logo -- in possible violation of federal law. But, we did hear from the FDA that they never said the thing they were quoted saying in the mailer. "The FDA has not made such statements with respect to Prop 37," FDA spokeswoman Morgan Liscinsky told KPBS. "We cannot speculate on Prop 37 and have no comments at this time."

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