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Occupy Monsanto, Sept 17

September 17, 2012: Occupy Monsanto's Global Week of Action

Organic Consumers Association and Millions Against Monsanto are working with the Occupy Monsanto network to organize protests and direct action at Monsanto facilities during the September 17th Global Week of Action Against Monsanto.
Click here to join an existing Genetic Crimes Unit or organize your own occupation and Occupy Monsanto will send you your very own GCU action toolkit. Genetic Crimes Units are autonomous Occupy Monsanto affinity groups who will carry out "decontamination" events during the Global Week of Action against Monsanto.
No Monsanto facilities nearby? How about congregating at Dow, Syngenta or one of the other Biotech Bullies' offices?
Occupy not your style? How about organizing a Millions Against Monsanto rally or event?
Take your group to your state capital and rally for GMO labels. Host a film screening and discussion of Bitter Seeds or the World According to Monsanto. Set up a table at your local farmer's market and tell people about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Visit the retail store where you buy your organic food and get them to endorse Proposition 37, the California Ballot Initiative to label GMOs. Hit the sidewalks and gather signatures for our Truth-in-Labeling petition - we are very close to our goal of one million national signers!
Whatever you decide to do, contact us for flyers, posters and petitions and tell us about your event so we can help you mobilize.

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Blogger Unknown dijo...

No tienen idea de cuanto me alegra esto. Llevo varios meses buscando personas que esten despiertas al igual que yo que nis cansamos de esto. Esta mañana me levante pensando que hoy 17 de septiembre en puerto rico. No se estaba luchando por esto. Pero, gracias a dios a las 11:37 pm. Encontre esto, aveces se busca donde no se debe pero gracias adios lo encontre. Me pueden decir si hay algo planiado esta semana? Escribire a ese email lo mas pronto posible.

Nelson J. Sánchez Núñez

11:40 p. m.  

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