viernes, agosto 26, 2011

Protest at Monsanto Headquarters in St. Louis!

From the Organic Consumers Association:

Need inspiration for World Food Day? Check out the action organized by a delegation of the Midwest Rising Convergence at the Monsanto headquarters in St. Louis.

The protestors coordinated a food dump to demonstrate the harmful effects Monsanto's products have on the health and well being of farmers, indigenous peoples in the US and abroad, and on agriculture in general, especially in more impoverished countries. Activists demanded that the corporation label its genetically modified food and stop disrupting indigenous ways of agriculture.

Monsanto released the following statement in response to the protest:

"We respect each individual's right to express his or her point of view. We understand that topics such as agriculture and its uses - food, feed, clothing and bioenergy - are important to all of us. Our world faces a number of challenges including items directly related to agriculture, such as how do we feed a growing population. We understand that no single company or form of agriculture can address these challenges individually. We embrace all forms of agriculture and the choices of farmers to grow what makes sense to them and the needs of their customers."

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