viernes, marzo 18, 2011

World Against Monsanto: Anti-GMO Resistance

(From Organic Bytes, online newsletter of the Organic Consumers Association, issue #268)

"In South America, the Brazilian Government has launched a GM-free soy programme to help farmers access non-GM soy seeds. In Argentina new research has exposed that the herbicide Glyphosate, used on the majority of GM crops grown worldwide, could have severe negative impacts on human health... This has led to bans on spraying of the herbicide near people's homes. In Uruguay, local areas are declaring themselves GM-free...

"Widespread resistance to GM crops in the developing world and Europe means that they are only planted on a large scale in a handful of countries and that over 97% of global agricultural land is GM-free...

"GM crops continue to collapse in Europe. Less than 0.06 percent of European fields are planted with GM crops. Seven EU countries have banned Monsanto's GM maize because of growing evidence of its negative environmental impacts. Three countries banned BASF's GM potato due to health concerns immediately after its authorisation in spring 2010, and for the first time five member states have sued the European Commission over the authorisation of a GM crop. "

-Friends of the Earth International, "Cracks Widen in Biotech Industry Myths," press release announcing the 2011 report, "Who Benefits from GM Crops?"

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