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Millions against Monsanto

From the Organic Consumers Association's Organic Bytes online newsletter:

Reminder: February is Millions Against Monsanto's Do-It-Yourself Truth-in-Labeling Month

If you missed it, please check out last week's Organic Bytes where we included the tools you need to take matters into your own hands and get "Oh No! Is It GMO?" labels on non-organic foods likely to contain GMOs as well as non-organic meat, dairy, and eggs coming from animals raised in CAFOs, (Confined Animal Feeding Operations), where they are force-fed GM grains.

Take Action

Update: Millions Against Monsanto Congressional District Chapters

So far, nearly 3,000 organic activists have signed up to volunteer to coordinate Millions Against Monsanto campaign chapters in their congressional districts, but we still need volunteers in the following districts:

AR-4, CA-39, CA-44, CA-47, FL-12, FL-21, GA-10, GA-12, GA-13, IA-5, KS-1, LA-4, LA-5, MI-10, MI-14, MS-2, NY-16, PA-3, TX-15, TX-27, TX-29, WV-3

Please Volunteer! (scroll down and check the "Volunteer for Millions Against Monsanto" box:

Don't know which congressional district you're in? Click here.

Update: Millions Against Monsanto Facebook Causes

We're using Facebook Causes as the home pages for the Millions Against Monsanto congressional district chapters. Our congressional district volunteers are busy creating local Millions Against Monsanto Causes.

Find out here if there's one set up yet for your congressional district.

If you don't see one for your congressional district and would like to help, please click here.

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