jueves, septiembre 23, 2010

Not crazy about this salmon

Genetically Engineered Salmon: Coming to a Plate Near You?

by Paula Crossfield

The genetically modified salmon called AquAdvantage was discussed on Monday in front of the Veterinary Medicine Advisory Committee, which will help the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decide whether or not to approve the fish for commercial production. The meeting comes after an unusually short 14-day period of public comment on the “new animal drug.”

That’s right: the first potentially approved genetically engineered animal is being considered just like a pharmaceutical, instead of as a precedent with significant implications for the environment, other species, and human health, which would usually require a 60-90-day comment period to enable the public to go over the 255-pages of recently released technical information from the FDA.

TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2010/09/21-1

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