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Women vow to fight against GM crops R. Avadhani
Mobile bio-diversity festival concludes

Creating awareness: The mobile biodiversity festival on its last leg at Jharasangham mandal in Medak on Friday. —

MACHNOOR (Medak District): Hundreds of women on Friday took the pledge to fight against genetically modified (GM) crops which, they said, would harm the health of land, animals and human beings. They promised to use each and every occasion to expose the affects of GM crops to the public in general and farming community in particular.

In the concluding ceremony of the mobile biodiversity Festival celebrated by the Deccan Development Society (DDS) at this remote village in Jharasangham mandal, the women took the pledge and expressed their commitment.

To create awareness

“We hear that germinate seeds harm the health of our soil, our health and the health of future generations. We will not allow this. We will create awareness among people,” said Begari Sammamma, a woman who cultivates her fields in the traditional system without using any chemical fertilizer. Not only that, she also reaped three to four crops instead of one as many farmers.

Many joined her in narrating their success stories. National Academy of Agriculture Research Management (NAARM) Director S.M. Ilyas said that they would be learning a lesson or two from the women who were actually teachers for them. He advised them to add best quality and value addition to the produce so that they could get better remuneration. “None can move you from your devotion, determination, passion and attention. You are a powerful and you have proved it,” he said appreciating them.

DDS director P.V. Sateesh said that organising of bio-diversity festival for ten years showed commitment of women involved in the project. On food security and adverse effects of GM crops, Mr. Sateesh said only bio-diversity could address the problem .


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