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With the news that Monsanto and Syngenta have now been welcomed as members of the ROUND TABLE ON RESPONSIBLE SOY (RTRS), there can no longer be a shred of doubt that the real purpose of the RTRS is greenwashing GM soy.

*It's vital that WWF - the world's most instantly recognisable environmental group - now stop legitimising RTRS and quit!*


We need WWF to understand this issue will not go away.

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For the e-mail welcoming Syngenta and Monsanto to the RTRS, see the end of this bulletin.
Dear WWF

I understand that Monsanto and Syngenta have joined the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS). The membership of these GM companies leaves little doubt that they see the RTRS as a way of branding GM crops as "responsible" and "sustainable."

This will enable them, and other corporate members of RTRS, to have millions of tons of GM soy greenwashed as socially responsible and environmentally sustainable, thus sidestepping environmental and social concerns, and undermining consumer resistance.

I fully accept that sometimes it is important to take part in a given process in order to try and influence the outcome positively. However, I think the decision of these two corporations to become members of RTRS, after several years of RTRS discussion, confirms what many suspect, that the situation has materially changed and further participation in RTRS now will enable industrial monocultures of soy, increasingly dominated by GM soy, to be certified as "responsible".

If WWF truly does not support GMOs, as it claims, I believe that WWF's continued participation in the RTRS is now inconceivable. As Monsanto and Syngenta have joined RTRS, WWF should quit RTRS immediately.

GM soy has now been causing serious social and environmental problems, particularly in Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil, since 1996. Words about regulation and risk management have not prevented this damage escalating to date and are unlikely to prevent it in the future.

We have reached the point where WWF's public withdrawal from the process would be far more effective than staying inside and thereby helping to legitimise RTRS with WWF's considerable weight.

In fact I believe that failure to withdraw at this point would show a serious lack of political awareness and judgement.

It is clearer than ever that the aim of the RTRS is to serve commercial interests by enabling GM soy to be certified as "responsible" and "sustainable" and not to distinguish or segregate it from conventionally produced soy, which is also damaging when grown in monocultures but less so than GM soy.

I therefore urge WWF to immediately and publicly withdraw from the RTRS.

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