martes, febrero 17, 2009


From: Kavitha Kuruganti <>
Date: February 17, 2009 5:22:50 AM EST (CA)
Subject: CHALO DELHI to stop Bt Brinjal: March 20th (onwards)

Dear friend,

As the Government of India plunges into useless discussions over Mahyco's Bt Brinjal, continuing to base its regulatory decision-making of Bt Brinjal on the company's data - without addressing fundamental questions that we have always raised about the very need for this GM Brinjal and the fact that a precautionary approach requires the government to straightaway say NO to GM foods - we urge each concerned Indian to say " I AM NO LAB RAT " to the Government of India, if you don't want to be a guinea pig in this experiment by profit-hungry corporations.

This is a call to all concerned citizens to come to Delhi on March 20th 2009 (Jantar Mantar) and any day after that, especially on April 7th, which is World Health Day, for a sustained direct action until the Government of India at the highest level steps in to say that our right to know what we are eating, our right to informed choices and our right to safe food will not violated through GM foods entering our plates. In other words, we want the government to stop Bt Brinjal.

Spare a day or two or more - whether you are in the North East or Gujarat or Kerala or Himachal, make the time and effort to come to Delhi. Stay in touch with us on the website, through the volunteer registration link and find out other ways in which you can support us.

Come, join us in this public protest from March 20th onwards - sit in Delhi, at the gates of the highest authorities in this country who are taking decisions for all of us, along with scores of other concerned citizens to protest the undemocratic thrusting of GM foods down our throats, until we secure an assurance.

Remember, if ever you felt concerned about the food that you are eating or feeding your family and friends and about GM foods, this is the time to ACT. Also remember, it is your responsibility as a citizen to DEMAND and SECURE safe food as well as your right - and please extend your support and solidarity to this cause, for your own sake.

Hope to see you in Delhi.

Pass this mail to all others who you know are concerned too and want to ACT - ask them to join the action.

Meanwhile, also visit to send a petition to the Prime Minister of India.


Kavitha Kuruganti
Coalition for a GM-Free India

Kavitha Kuruganti
Street No 1, Baba Farid Nagar
District-Faridkot, Punjab.

Phone: +91-9393001550


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