domingo, marzo 30, 2008

The trees

Thank you for being a part of the effort against genetic engineering.

If you represent an organization, we would like to issue an invitation to join as a member organization of the STOP GE Trees Campaign. For more details about the campaign, go to

Industry is moving rapidly forward with plans to commercially release GE trees. The Campaign to stop them is building and we are going to the United Nations in May to demand a ban on the release of GE trees into the environment. It is critical that we show widespread support for the campaign to bolster this effort.

Please join us in the fight to stop GE trees. We will list your organization on the STOP GE Trees Campaign website* with a link to your organization's own website. Press releases will include a link to the page on our website that lists all of the member groups of the STOP GE Trees Campaign. Simply reply to this email with your organization name and weblink.

If you know of other organizations that might be interested, feel free to forward this invitation.


Anne Petermann & Orin Langelle


Background Information on GE trees:

The timber industry has joined forces with the oil industry and the biotechnology industry to rapidly advance their work to commercialize GE trees for pulp and paper as well as agrofuels. They plan to develop huge plantations of genetically engineered with traits such as reduced lignin and insect resistance. GE tree plantations will have catastrophic implications for forests, forest-dependent peoples and wildlife.

The agrofuels boom is driving this rapid advancement of GE tree technology. GE tree-based agrofuels are being promoted as the answer to climate change, though use of GE trees for agrofuels will damage forests and their ability to store carbon, accelerate deforestation around the world and lead to more and larger monoculture tree plantations. All of these will worsen climate change.

Please join the STOP GE Trees Campaign and help us stop the commercial release of GE Trees.

For the latest breaking news on GE trees, please join our "Frankentrees" information-only listserve.

* The STOP GE Trees website is being re-developed. It was hacked into and damaged last summer and we are in the process of revamping it. It will be completed by late-April.

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