domingo, agosto 05, 2007

The New Green Revolution in Africa:

Trojan Horse for GMOs?

By Mariam Mayet

[EXTRACTS FROM INTRODUCTION] After more than 10 years of genetically modified (GM) crop plants being grown in the world, only South Africa out of 53 countries on the African continent have commercial plantings of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) [but]... a multitude of genetic engineering and biosafety projects have been initiated in Africa, with the aim of introducing GMOs into Africa's agricultural systems.

[EXTRACT FROM CONCLUSION] As the Makhathini GM cotton project shows, technological fixes such as improved seeds, pesticides, herbicides, inorganic artificial and GM crops merely serve as 'stop-gap' measures that deflect attention away from the structural problems facing small scale farmers. The Green and Gene revolutions are nothing more than red herrings to avoid sustainable development interventions that address historical inequalities and give farmers real choices within an ecologically sustainable framework built on people centred and traditional and cultural value systems.