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GM rice can't cure diarrhoea (20/3/2007)

EXTRACTS: Diarrhea is an illness that has well-known causes, and proven, inexpensive solutions. Ventria's GM rice is unproven, unnecessary, and a distraction from ongoing programmes to save children suffering from diarrhea on our continent. (item 1)

In the media, Ventria claims these proteins will be used in oral rehydration solutions to treat diarrhea. But elsewhere, the company says it will use them as supplements in yogurt, sports drinks and granola bars. (item 2)

...an experiment using this technology has already been conducted in Peru on 140 infants from five to 33 months in age, in hospitals attended by the poorest sectors of the population. Several reports indicate that parents of the children were not adequately informed of the experimental nature of the treatment, and at least two mothers of infants in the clinical trial reported that their infants suffered from allergic reactions, causing the Peruvian government to launch an enquiry into the experiment. (item 2)


1.'Hybrid Rice Can't Cure Diarrhea'
By Godwin Haruna
This Day (Nigeria), 20 March 2007

2.Does Africa need a genetically modified solution to diarrhea?
Comment and analysis
Nnimmo Bassey
Pambazuka News (South Africa), 15 March 2007

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