miércoles, julio 12, 2006

A message from Peru

Dear friends

A dangerous new biotech law is being introduced into the Parliament of Perú, to pave the way for the introduction of GMOs in Perú (Ley General de Promoción de la Biotecnología en el Perú).

So far, Peru is GE Free, and it is one of the richest countries in terms of agricultural biodiversity, which is closely related with the rich and ancient cultural diversity of the Peruvian peoples. Peru is the centre of origin of potatos, tomatoes, cassava, cotton. It is also centre of diversity of corn. Groups in Peru are extremely concerned that the introduction of GMOs in Perú will genetically contaminate their traditional varieties, as has already happened with the corn landraces in Mexico. The negative impacts on the traditional way of life of rural people will also be incalculable.

These groups are requesting international organizations to support them, by writting messages to members of the Parliament in Perú, to stop the disccussion of the law project and instead, introduce measures to support Peru's GE free status.

We are very concerned that biotech companies may want to continue to use Perú and its people, as a experimentation testing ground just as has recently happened when Ventria used infant Peruvians to test human proteins produced by GE rice.

Please send messages to:

Marcial Ayaipoma
Presidente del Congreso de la República
Fax. 511-3117661
e-mail: mayaipoma@congreso.gob.pe

Mercedes Cabanillas
Presidenta de la Comisión de Educación, Ciencia, tecnología Cultura y Patrimonio Cultural
Fax. 3117595/3117594
e-mail: mcabanillas@congreso.gob.pe

Paulina Arpasi
Congresista Miembro de la Comisión Agraria
Fax. 3117658-3117659
e-mail: parpasi@congreso.gob.pe

Iván Calderón Castillo
Comisión de Salud, Población, Familia y personas con discapacidad
Fax. 3117417
e-mail: icalderon@congreso.gob.pe

Walter Alejos Calderón
Presidente Comisión Andino Amazónicos, Afroperuanos,Ambiente y Ecología
Fax. 3117449
e-mail: walejos@congreso.gob.pe

With copy to

Milagros Tazza RAAA


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