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New GRAIN web feature

New from GRAIN
2 April 2006


A new section on the GRAIN website called Growing Resistance ( has been launched. It highlights the perspectives and capacities of local communities to reconstruct the farmer-developed agriculture that predated the modern-day 'agribusiness'.

Across the world people are coming together to strengthen their control over their livelihoods and local biodiversity as a reaction to the growing privatisation of agriculture. Informal alliances are continuously being formed around seed saving and exchange, developing farmers' research systems, and nurturing of traditional knowledge and customary practices. There is a strong push to bring agriculture back into the hands of communities and local culture.

Under this new section, GRAIN turns the spotlight on three recurrent themes in what is shaping to be a global resistance movement.

1. ASSERTING AUTONOMY & SOVEREIGNTY Taking food production from the hands of farmers and giving the concession to a few corporations is more than an act of betrayal; it is sacrilegious plunder. This section highlights a broad spectrum of community and regional initiatives that are successfully resisting the aggressive push to adopt corporate-owned monocultures.

2. CONFRONTING GM AGRICULTURE With GM there is no culture to speak of except monoculture. A piece of land planted with uniform crops - devoid of any link to community traditions, belief and value systems - is a mere plantation. Farmers have long suffered the loss of being 'plantation workers' since the Green Revolution. They are changing this path. This section focuses on people's efforts to keep GM out of their farms, communities and markets, as well as efforts to reconstruct genuine, biodiversity-based, farmer-developed agriculture.

3. FREEDOM FROM IPR Intellectual property rights - whether in seeds, software, or medicine - are far from being an incentive that encourages innovation. Reality is the opposite: it restricts knowledge sharing and curtails freedom to (re)create. This section shows how people are fighting the concept and legitimacy of intellectual property rights. Included in this are the struggles people are taking in other sectors, such as the health sector and those working with computer software and how often these struggles are the same for everyone.

Each of these themes is accompanied by relevant documents, links, photos, audio programmes and highlights relevant GRAIN publications.

In addition we welcome any contributions from you, so please do send any material or ideas you have to


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